"Once Upon a Time...."  

 Our Storybook Princess ball are for who girls dream of dress up as her most favorite Princess. We offer tea-length gowns to accommodate all our Princesses. This is sure to be Happily Ever After special occasion, that Your Highness, will not want it to end.   

***If The Tiara Fits***

Here are CelTeabrations, we also offer If The Tiara Fits packages. If The Tiara Fits is collection of our princess dress up gowns to accommodate our taller and 'more to love' princesses. We want nothing more but for girls to happy in the skin they are in! 

Glass Slipper Princess***

She and her step-sisters arrive in their rags, and magically transform into blue'tea'ful Princesses. Then it's off to the Glass Slipper Ball.  Sure to have a Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo time of their life, but must say goodbye to enchanting fun before the clock strikes midnight!

Golden Princess***

Be our guest. Your young ladies will be the Belle of the ball, at the Red Rose Gala. Those awful beasts won't be able keep them locked away once he sees her in our stunning golden princess couture gowns.

Ice Princess***

Let your Ice Princess fulfill her wish of reigning over her icy kingdom, as she becomes Snow Queen. A cool elegance breathtaking shindig where the cold never bothered her anyway. Boys guest can save the day in our Royal Ice Master dress up. 

Lily Pad Princess

If you do your best each and every day, good things are sure to come your way. So she wants to be Princess and get things done. We have essential ingredients to provide leaping fun without any voodoo spells or kissing any frogs! 

Mermaid Princess

Roll out the aqua carpet for the princess of the sea!  We will swim under water searching for treasures untold. While flipping their fins, this seashell fun is such make a splash.



Sleeping Beauty Princess

Your majesty will find true happiness when she awaken her inner princess. This is a
Pinkalicious legacy occasional will showcase her beauty inside out.


Snow White Princess***

Snow White Fairytales dream do come true. Mirror Mirror on the wall, Snow White is the fairest one of all. Our classic dress up makes Her glittering gown sparkles like true love's first kiss. Includes a jeweled ring for you to wear and share!


Take flight and bring Pixie Hollow to life. Fairy princesses feel like a true fairies in classical green dress-up costume with take-home halos. Think faith, trust, and pixie-dust. Boys may transport themselves to the magical world of Neverland in our Peter Pan dress up costume!  


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