CelebriTea Cupcake Cafe'

Now your Chef Princess,Diva, Cutie Pie or Drama Queen can cook in fashion.

Fabulous chic fun for the kitchen. Oh...the sweet life!

Take 2 cups princesses, 2 cups divas, 2 cups cutie pies and 2 cups drama queens

 Mix thoroughly with 7 tea spoons friendship

Blend 1 large bunch of smiles & 3 quarts laughter

Add 1 11/2 entertaining par”tea” hostess

Stir in assortment of activities

Combine in a family room

Top freely with creative”tea”

Bake in a preset oven for 2 hours

Serve in our theme aprons are satin trim, screen printed, decal accented and hot pink mini jewels and plush animal print patch pocket.*